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Aloe Vera (organic) locks in moisture and provides a protective barrier for the skin

Andiroba Oil has high levels of essential fatty acids and repairs dry and frizzy hair.

Argan Oil (organic) has high concentrations of Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that encourages strong and shiny hair.

Avocado Oil (Virgin) has high levels of essential fatty acids and luxuriously moisturises the skin.


Vitamin B3 this water-soluble vitamin strengthens the skin and improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

Beeswax (organic) provides a protective barrier by drawing moisture to the skin.

Bentonite Clay negatively charged volcanic clay that helps absorb toxins from skin.

Bergamot (organic) astringent properties with a refreshing scent that helps balance oily skin.

Bush Mint (wild crafted) aromatic native plant with native mint scent .

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Calendula (organic) an excellent anti- inflammatory and healing extract

Californian Poppy (organic) promotes relaxation and improves long-term tiredness.

Carrot Co2 (organic) has high levels of pro Vitamin A (beta – carotene) and provides a youthful glow by reducing age spots, fine lines and improving skin elasticity.

Cedar wood (organic) has healing and soothing properties for the skin.

Chamomile - German (organic) has a distinctive blue colour with potent anti – inflammatory properties.

Chamomile – Roman (organic) from Hungary and prized for its sweet, fruity and fresh perfume with calming and restorative properties.

Chia Seed Co2 (organic) this seed is the richest botanical source of omega 3 found in nature (30%) and provides smoother and younger looking skin.

Clove (organic) possesses antiseptic properties and antimicrobial properties.

Cocoa Co2 this delicious edible chocolate concentrate is naturally derived from roasted cacao bean and provides a rich and smooth scent.

Cocoa Butter (organic) is high in essential fatty acids with a silky texture that nourishes the skin. 

Coconut Oil (organic) high concentrations of lauric acid and imparts a smooth nourishing feel to the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Coenzyme Q10 is a potent anti – oxidant that fights free radicals that promotes collagen synthesis and increases suppleness and hydration levels in the skin.

Vitamin C sodium ascorbyl phosphate is a stable and non irritating form of vitamin C converts into ascorbic acid on the skin. Promotes collagen synthesis with the ability to lighten and brighten the skin.

Cucumber Water this soothing aromatic hydrosol contains silica, a trace mineral that is necessary to keep connective tissue healthy.

Cypress (organic) stimulates hair follicles and increases the flow of blood to the scalp.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Damiana (wild crafted) Mexican Indians used the leaves as an aphrodisiac and a tonic for health and longevity. This herb is useful for nervous exhaustion and conditions of stress.

Desert Lime provides photo – protection from UV/AB damage.


Vitamin E is of the most established skin rejuvenating antioxidants that has the unique quality of enabling the skin to moisturise itself from within.

Elder Flower (organic) skin softening and soothing effects are ideal for inflamed skin.

Evening Primrose Oil (organic) is a rich source of GLA, omega 3, 6 and reduces the premature signs of ageing.


Finger Lime Caviar improves skin hydration.

Flower Essences subtle vibration increases the frequency of the product.

Fragonia (wild crafted) native to Western Australia with anti-bacterial properties of a similar nature to conventional tea tree.

Frankincense Co2 is a rich, sweet-balsamic oil of particular use for ageing skin as it reduces the appearance of large pores and reduce wrinkles.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Geranium (organic) considered the most balancing of all essential oils with a sweet scent and uplifting scent.

Gem Essences subtle vibration increases the frequency of the product.

Gingko Biloba (organic) increases blood flow to the brain and may play a role in how neurotransmitters in the brain operate.

Grapefruit (organic) stimulates the lymphatic system and brightens lifeless skin.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a naturally derived preservative system comes from the seeds and pulp of grapefruit and is free of parabens and triclosan found in other forms of grapefruit seed extract.


Himalayan Rock Salt contains over 70 beneficial minerals and gently exfoliates and re – mineralizes the skin

Honey (organic) contains anti bacterial properties and is rich in trace elements that helps draw moisture to the skin.

Honey Bush (wild crafted) this native Australian herb smells like honey with many essential nutrients and has relaxing and soothing.

Honey Myrtle (wild crafted) flowers are important in honey production and are especially sweet in scent.

Hops (organic) this herb has positive effects on the nervous system.

Horsetail (organic) is high in silica and has anti – inflammatory properties.

Hyaluronic Acid this fundamental building block of the body keeps the skin looking firm and plump by boosting the moisture content of the cells.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Jojoba Oil (organic) this liquid wax offers the characteristics of oil with excellent skin softening qualities.


Kakadu Plum has the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world and promotes suppleness and elasticity.

Kiwi Fruit extract (organic) vitamin rich extract with naturally occurring high levels of Vitamin C and E with astringent properties.


Lavender (organic) reduces irritation and great for oily skin.

Lemon (organic) providing a refreshing scent and helps brighten teeth.

Lemon Balm (organic) healing properties useful in the case of skin irritations and treating acne that is soothing on the skin.

Lemon Eucalyptus (organic) highly invigorating and refreshing

Lemon Grass (organic) has astringent properties and balancing for combination skin.

Lemon Myrtle (organic) has an intense lemon-scent and has antiseptic benefits.

Lime (organic) features astringent properties that help keep the skin firm.

Liquorice (organic) this root extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful for acne.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Macadamia Oil closely resembles the sebum of the skin and absorbs easily as a result.

Mandarin (organic) has a sweet and fresh playful aroma.

Marula Oil (organic) is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This oil keeps hair soft and encourages hair growth.

Marshmallow (organic) has soothing properties that is calming for sensitive skin.


Neroli (organic) a divine scent derived from the precious tiny flowers of the orange tree and is one of the most prized essential oils of all. Neroli provides a sweet and intoxicating aroma.


Oat straw (organic) is nourishing for the nervous system and one of the best calming herbs.

Orange (organic) this is a bright and uplifting scent with stimulating properties.

Oxygen sea salt derived oxygen boosts existing moisture levels in the skin and increases oxygen to the brain for increased energy.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Papaya extract (organic) the enzyme papain dissolves dead skin cells and lightens and brightens the skin.

Palma Rosa (organic) is excellent for balancing oily skin with its antiseptic qualities.

Passionflower (organic) reduces restlessness and interrupted sleep.

Passionfruit Oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and hydrates the skin.

Peppermint (organic) has anti bacterial properties that are useful for oily skin.

Petigrain (organic) grown in Paraguay and is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Seville bitter orange tree. It has a woodsy, fresh scent with a hint of floral.

Pomegranate Co2 (organic) is high in antioxidants and promotes skin regeneration.

Pracaxi Oil from the Amazon and contains high levels of the conditioning agent behenic acid that increases hair brightness.


Raspberry Co2 (organic) has high levels of omega 6 as well as being rich in vitamin A and E and helps protect against sun damage to the skin.

Rosehip (organic) contains 50% more vitamin C than oranges and encourages collagen synthesis and provides a visible skin glow.

Rose Petals (organic) has naturally uplifting and soothing compounds that relieve stress.

Rose Water (organic) this soothing aromatic hydrosol has astringent properties that helps tone the skin. Rose is the most precious and delicate of natural perfumes in the world.

Rosemary (organic) has an herbaceous scent that stimulates hair growth.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Sacha Inchi Oil is a popular super food from the Amazon that is high in omega 3 acid that encourages hair growth and helps prevent split ends.

Seaweed (organic) is rich in sea minerals with potent anti – inflammatory properties and reduces skin irritation and redness.  

Sea Buckthorn Co2 (organic) berries from this plant contain 12 times the amount of Vitamin C in oranges with fatty acids, omegas 3, 6, 9 and 7. Sea buckthorn promotes the overall health of the skin by boosting elasticity, hydration and reducing inflammation.

Shea Butter (organic) - containing high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins that provide a nourishing moisture barrier that protects the skin.

Star Anise (organic) intensely spicy - sweet and liquorice like aroma with antibacterial properties.

Strawberry Gum (wild crafted) this strawberry scented bush tucker gem includes antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.

Sugar Cane Ethanol (organic) used in our herbal tinctures as a natural preservation system and ensures the potency of our concentrated herbs in our formulas.


Tulsi (organic) made from the leaves of the holy basil plant with anti- oxidant properties along with stress relieving properties.

Pollen Botanical Ingredients


Ungurahui Oil this oil is found in South American jungles and is famous for providing the thick, luscious hair of Amazonian women. It brings malleability and shine to the hair as well as detangling strands, controlling frizz and defining curls.


Valerian (wild crafted) this root has been used for hundreds of years as a powerful sleep sedative.


Ylang Ylang (organic) provides healing properties for the skin with an uplifting scent.

Yarrow (organic) powerful natural astringent that promotes healing and clear skin.


Xanthan Gum thickening agent that stabilizes suspensions with a silky gel like feel .

Zeolite negatively charged clay that neutralises toxins and helps detoxify the skin.

pollen botanical our ingredients