Meet Joanne McCombe

As a teenager I suffered with hormonal acne, a condition that was as embarrassing as it was debilitating and one that many of us experience not only in our younger years but through adulthood as well. My skin struggles inspired me to experiment and play with natural ingredients and develop my own formulations such as scrubs and herbal infusions which had a profound soothing effect on my skin. My interest in the healing power of natural and native ingredients was further sparked during my late 20s when I was fortunate enough to work at a remote indigenous community. Armed with my knowledge of ingredients and a curiosity to learn, I trained to become an alternative therapist upon my return home. My training led me to work in the day spa industry in the picturesque Victorian country town of Daylesford in 2001, where Pollen Botanicals was born. Initially, we were producing our products by hand in small batches and keeping them fresh in the fridge. Since then, with the help and wisdom of an industry formulating legend, we have developed a method that naturally stabilises our products. All of the ingredients in Pollen Botanicals products are intentional with not a single synthetic preservative or emulsifier added.

Our Inspiration

Being the most nutrient dense food profile in nature, pollen was the perfect inspiration for our name and our mission to provide skincare that feeds the skin with natural, nutritious ingredients.

At the core of our mission is our dedication to maintaining the quality, integrity and purity of our natural and active ingredients by manufacturing in small batches.

Moisture packed formulas increase surface hydration which allows our active ingredients to sink deeply into your skin.

We use only the most outstanding natural cosmetic actives to provide your skin with visible results that don’t cost the earth.

Our hero product

Our Honey and Sugar scrub was responsible for banishing my stubborn adult problem skin and was destined to become our most famous, holy grail product. We are fortunate to have received an endless stream of rave reviews from grateful customers who have experienced the transforming effects of the Honey and Sugar scrub.

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Joanne McCombe catching up with some of our customers
Catching up with fans of our products in Daylesford