Eau De Cologne



Because the word, cologne is actually the French name given to the German city, Koln, it may seem surprising that the origin of Eau De Cologne are actually rooted in Italy.It started with an Italian barber who left his homeland to seek fortune in Germany. While there he created this famous perfume water including Grape Spirits, oil of Neroli, Lavender, Bergamot and Rosemary. It was released in 1709 and was swept off the apothecary shelves of Cologne with such speed that it became an instant hit. Centuries later it was coveted by the likes of the Countess du Barry and Napoleon was known to use a bottle a day in the 7 year war. Today Eau De Cologne means nothing more than a fragrance of which the essential oil content is 5% that is traditionally refreshing and always splashed on. Our Eau De Cologne is true to the original perfume and is 100% organic including the precious Neroli that provides the famous sweet haunting scent, Petigrain and Bergamot  which are both uplifting and calming and the spicy note of Clove.


Purified Water, Sugar Cane Ethanol,* Bergamot,* Lemon,* Petigrain,* Rosemary,* Neroli * Essential Oils.

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Shake gently and press lightly onto pulse points and behind ears.

(100% certified organic ingredients) 


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