Zoom Teeth Whitener is a natural, food grade alternative to traditional toothpaste. Using Activated Charcoal and Australian Bentonite Clay, this powder-free formula whitens the teeth without harsh chemicals. Zoom is a firm paste, meaning you won't make a mess over your bathroom sink. These ingredients also gently polish the surface of the teeth without causing sensitivity and compromising tooth enamel.

This formula includes Coconut Oil, which when combined with Bentonite Clay, neutralises bacteria that buries between the teeth. The Coconut Oil in this formula also offers oil pulling benefits when swished around the mouth, unlike other whitening tooth powders. Zoom also offers a refreshing taste, with Lemon and Peppermint essential oils.


Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Organic Coconut Oil,* Lemon,* Peppermint Essential Oils.*

*Certified Organic Ingredients


Press a soft wet toothbrush into powder and carefully brush each tooth (front and back) in a gentle circular motion whilst keeping lips shut for up to two minutes. Swish for a moment before rinsing out mouth carefully to remove residue. Best used at night.


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